Sporteventi provides the perfect mix of coaches, instructors and guardians for all the participants of the AC Milan Camp. We try to ensure that all the kids are happy and satisfied with the camp programme and parents can be reassured that the safety of camp participants is our top priority.

We at Sporteventi are fully aware of the enormous responsibility that we have in looking after the participants of the AC Milan Camp and we are entirely focused on the success of this objective.

Below we will give a brief outline of the actions we take to ensure maximum safety before and during the activities of the AC Milan Camp.


Sporteventi's technical staff on the football field during the AC Milan Academy Junior CampLorenzo Cresta and two trainers of the Sporteventi staff give the indacations to four children of the AC Milan Academy Camp



The staff of the AC Milan Junior Camps is coordinated by an AC Milan Technical Director (member of the Club), by a Supervisor (ex-AC Milan players of proven national and international prestige or technicians of very high profile and reputation) and by a Sporteventi’s Coaching Manager: they are responsible for setting up and supervising the training and program of the camp.

All Sporteventi coaches come from AC Milan Soccer Schools or from very prestigious local soccer schools and are selected on the basis of their pedagogical and technical preparation. For us at Sporteventi, a coach is first of all an educator who must know how to communicate with young people of all ages and nationalities and who must be able to empathize with them. We also pay particular attention to the coach’s multilingualism.



The complete staff (Supervisor, AC Milan Academy Technical Director, Sporteventi’s Manager, Assistants, Goalkeeping Coaches, Coaches) allows for 1 staff member to every 8 participants (ratio 1:8).



The Sporteventi Manager and the female assistant are available to parents day and night. Their mobile phone numbers are provided to parents in the AC Milan Camp programme and on the first day of camp. The Sporteventi Chairman’s mobile number is also provided.



Sporteventi staff are supervised by the Supervisor, by the AC Milan Academy Technical Director and by the Sporteventi’s Manager who is in constant contact with the Sporteventi Chairman and with AC Milan. Sporteventi’s Board members supervise the camp directly at least 2-3 times a week.


The coach Pierino Prati with seven youth of the AC Milan Academy Junior Camp at the Jesolo stadium (Venice)Chiara Asteo female assistant of the Sporteventi staff in the AC Milan Academy Camp



The female assistant who works alongside the staff has a number of highly complex tasks:

  • She handles the entire laundry service
  • She handles the injuries that may occur to kids both from the sidelines, with medical kits and defibrillators, and in the hospital where she accompanies the kids and assists them during visits or treatments
  • She handles arrivals and departures of airport transfers collaborating with the administrative staff
  • She assists staff in case of urgent necessity
  • She assists the younger kids in case of homesickness
  • She assists the participants in the AC Milan Camp with specific dietary needs (coeliac disease or allergies) at mealtimes
  • She assists the participants in the AC Milan Camp with specific drug treatments which the camp participants may require on arrival or when the camp is underway



The official languages of the camp are Italian and English. Half of the staff speaks English fluently. The Sporteventi Milan Camp every year hosts kids from 50 different countries and in 2016 was reviewed by the NY Times.


Supervising and Protecting

A coach of the Sporteventi technical staff guides five youth in distance shooting in the AC Milan Academy CampA coach of the AC Milan Academy Camp staff congratulates the young footballer



In accordance with the programme for the typical day for the site, wake-up time is between 7.45 and 8.00. Each participant in the AC Milan Camp can set their own alarm clock, request an alarm call via the hotel intercom or be woken up by the coaches responsible (1 or 2 on each floor of the hotel). After waking up the AC Milan Camp participants have 30 minutes to come down to the breakfast room and have their breakfast.



In accordance with the programme for the typical day the participants in the AC Milan Camp on the DAY formula will arrive at the meeting place established (hall, reception or directly to the playing field). A coach specially responsible for the participants will greet and take charge of them.



The staff will constantly remind the kids during the day about the daily programme so that the participants in the AC Milan Camp are always aware of the times of activities that take place from the morning onwards.



In places where the transfer to the playing fields takes place by bus, a division into training groups is made (younger/middle/older) and once that is done the correct number of kids board a private bus available to participants in the AC Milan Camp. Kids are checked constantly, whether they are going to the playing fields, on an excursion or just going for a walk.



The coaches responsible for the younger kids at the AC Milan Camp help and assist them constantly. A coach will be present after training and matches who will help in the collection of technical and sporting gear.


A member of the Sporteventi staff with three boys and a girl during the day at the AC Milan Academy CampWalter De Vecchi in the dining room of the hotel in Cortina d'Ampezzo with a child and other kids during the AC Milan Academy Camp



In each location, depending on the layout of the hotel, at times when the AC Milan Camp participants visit rooms or take advantage of the hotel’s open spaces, the staff are organised so as to have at least one coach in the hall, on each floor and in the recreation/games room. The coach will supervises the conduct of the kids, so that it is always respectful of the hotel, and will prevent them wandering off independently.



The participants in the AC Milan Camp are watched over, day and night.

During the day no participant is ever allowed to wander off without the presence of a Sporteventi staff member, even if it is going out of the hotel for a few minutes or even if the camp participant is a seventeen-year-old (who is still a minor and therefore under the protection of Sporteventi). At night each floor of the hotel facilities used is supervised, staff members spending the night on the various floors. The hotel itself will assist our staff, those on duty in reception advising our staff if camp participants behave improperly or act independently.



The participant/registrant at the Milan Junior camp can bring mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs to the camp exclusively for the purpose of keeping in touch with his family.
Telephone calls to the participant from parents are generally accepted (except in real emergencies) from 1.15pm to 2.00pm and from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, i.e. after lunch and dinner.
In order to moderate and limit the use of telephones and PDAs during the night (from 10.30pm to 7.30am), at 10.30pm – during the first room check – overnight participants (JUNIOR-formula) will be asked to deposit their mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs in the safe in the room. The combination of the safe will be set and known only by the Sporteventi staff and the hotel management. The safe will be reopened between 7.30am and 8.00am in the morning by the staff. The devices (smartphones, cell phones and PDAs) can be recharged by the participant during meals (their use in the restaurant is not permitted).
The Sporteventi staff stay on the same floors as the participants. A second check of the rooms (checking that the kids are sleeping and that everything is quiet) is done by the staff at midnight. Parents will have two telephone numbers (manager and assistant) who can be reached at any time of day or night in case of need. The staff itself is available to participants even in the middle of the night in case of need, as well as that of the hotel. The Sporteventi staff will immediately take action in the event of concrete problems that may arise (indispositions, homesickness, etc.) to notify the families to which they belong.
This protocol aims to prevent children from spending hours on the phone at night, especially on social networks, or from being disturbed by those who do.
We underline that the staff generally cannot access the participants/registrants’ rooms for reasons of minors’ privacy (legal provisions) except for justified and urgent reasons (including, by way of example yet not comprehensive, state of necessity of the participants, disturbing noises, illness).
It is therefore not possible to monitor the behaviour of the participants regarding the use of smartphones and PDAs nor to proceed with their seizure (unless this is requested directly by the parents/guardians). The only way to regulate smartphone/PDAs use in participants/registrants’ accommodation is for parents/guardians to set PARENTAL CONTROLS.
So we strongly remind to parents that it is ALWAYS MANDATORY to activate the PARENTAL CONTROL!
In case of proven reasons of necessity (homesickness is not among them), specifically communicated to the secretariat office (, exceptions will be allowed.



The Sporteventi’s Coaching Manager will always remind all staff members of the checks to be carried out and the timing of daily activities. This occurs at least three times a day – early in the morning before breakfast for the kids, just after lunch and in the evening, after they have gone to bed.

Safety of the Participants our Top Priority

Lorenzo Cresta, AC Milan Academy coach, trains some boys at the football field during the AC Milan Academy CampThe kids of the AC Milan Academy Camp while playing football inside a gym



Each AC Milan Camp location run by Sporteventi is chosen based on the opportunity to receive prompt medical care. So the sites at Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Asiago Mountain Plateau and Jesolo Lido are equipped with a public medical-hospital facility able to provide first aid promptly if necessary. The Bella Italia Sports Centre has an extension which can accommodate up to 3,000 people and has its own private medical suite.



All staff, particularly the female assistants, look after participants who have specific dietary requirements related to specific illnesses (coeliac disease), to severe allergies, to religion (Muslims, Hindus) or to family customs, liaising with the chef and the kitchen staff of the restaurant.

Our staff also support participants in case they need to follow a particular drug treatment during the AC Milan Camp or in case they must always carry with them lifesaving drugs.



Staff check weather conditions at least three (3) times daily – in the morning, early afternoon and evening for the next day. In mountain locations, in case of heavy rain, the training of younger participants (6-9 years old) at the AC Milan Camp will take place in the gym.

In seaside locations, in case of excessive heat, morning training will take place 30 minutes early and afternoon training will be delayed 30-60 minutes or shortened.

These events are infrequent but in any case staff will protect the health of the kids.

If a participant is particularly tired, the staff will authorise him/her to stay in the hotel to rest, properly supervised.



During training sessions, Sporteventi uses its own technical gear exclusively (from goals to cones), entirely provided by Vivisport srl (renowned for providing the goals on most of the SERIE A pitches in the Italian football championship and for providing the goals for the UEFA Champions League Final at the San Siro Stadium 2016). The technical gear involved is of the highest quality and in some cases is designed and manufactured by Vivisport exclusively for Sporteventi and is certified for solidity, quality and safety.


The young players of the Milan Junior Camp train with Vivisport equipmentTwo children of the AC Milan Junior Camp on the bus that transports them to the playing fields



All trips within the AC Milan Camp are made on minibuses or private buses. The driver(s) will be on our staff and always available to the camp participants. It is our policy that AC Milan Camp participants never travel on foot but always by bus, even if the football pitch is just a few hundred metres from the hotel.



Kids who need a transfer from the airport or train station to the camp location and, after the AC Milan Camp finishes, from the camp to the airport or train station, can count on a great service provided by a specialist company in partnership with Sporteventi since 2000. The drivers are known personally by Sporteventi administrative staff and are in contact with them before, during and after the transfer. The drivers themselves, on explicit request, can perform an unaccompanied minor procedure at the airport and in any case never leave a camp participant alone in case of difficulties.



ASD Sporteventi provides for two kinds of insurances for the protection of the camp participant/registrant:

  1. Third-party liability Insurance with a maximum cover of 5.000.000,00 euros.
  2. The Individual Accident Insurance; we underline that this insurance is effective ONLY for the Italian participants who are also covered by the assistance of the Italian National Health System. Therefore the participants NOT ITALIANS MUST provide for an accident insurance covering risks of injuries, illnesses and hospitalization during their staying in Italy for at least 200.000 Euros.



In emergencies related to accidents, homesickness, illness or indiscipline of the participant, the staff will intervene immediately giving first aid or taking the participant to hospital and contacting the parents as soon as possible to discuss the situation and agree on the next steps.