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The Sport Association Sporteventi begins in the year 2000 based on an idea of Pietro Marchioni, with the aim to manage the AC Milan Academy Camps of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) with the official consent of AC Milan Club.

Sporteventi was recently recognized by the AC Milan Club as one of the most important AC Milan Official Manager of the AC Milan Academy Camp.

Download the reference letter of AC Milan


ASC logo - Recreational and Cultural Sports Association of ConfcommercioSporteventi is also a member of the ASC (Recreational and Cultural Sports Association of Confcommercio; Confcommercio is the lead organization representing the manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, ITC, tourism and services industries in Italy) i.e. one of the few sports promoting bodies, that is officially approved by CONI (National Italian Olympic Committee) and by the Ministry of Interior.



Pietro MarchioniChairman and General Manager:


Michele MarchioniMarketing Manager:


Members of the Board:
Michele Marchioni
Luca Marchioni
Celestina Casagrande
Pietro Marchioni
Alessandro Toffoli


Secretary office responsible:
Margherita Lombardo


Person in charge of Coaches:
Luca Santochirico


Sporteventi Head Coach:
Lorenzo Cresta
Luca Santochirico
Giorgio Spadola


AC Milan Coaches supervisors:
Filippo Galli
Pierino Prati
Pietro Vierchowod
Stefano Eranio
Walter De Vecchi
Diego Bortoluzzi


Public Relation Manager:
Alessandro Toffoli


Where we are

Sporteventi logo

Sporteventi – via Pastore, 44 – 31029 Vittorio Veneto TV – Italy

Cel. (0039) 348 8746938
(Marchioni Michele – Marketing Manager)

Tel. (0039) 0438 941366
(Margherita Lombardo – Secretary office responsible)

Fax (0039) 0438 947394



In this map, in red, you can find the AC Milan Academy Camps run by Sporteventi.

Sporteventi in Northern Italy