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Jesolo (Seaside) – Venice


Villaggio Marzotto

Viale Oriente, 44
30016 Jesolo Lido (VE)

Tel. +39 0421 961068

Playing field

Villaggio Marzotto

Viale Oriente, 44
30016 Jesolo Lido (VE)

Tel. +39 0421 961068


AC Milan Academy Camp in Jesolo (Venice)

Jesolo (along with Rimini) is the most famous beach on the Adriatic Sea and only 20 km from Venice and its international airport. Jesolo is a true paradise for tourists with a seafront stretching over 15 km, shops, play grounds, hotels, golf clubs and entertainment on 16 town squares.

The camp has experienced growing success for years, with participants from all over the world. The Camp starts on Sunday at 2.30 pm and ends on Saturday at 1.00 pm, after a demonstration training and friendly matches in the morning. Participants are supervised and looked after 24 hours a day. The daily workouts (two sessions a day) alternate with recreational activities, such as relaxation in the pool and group games on the beach. The ac Milan Junior Camp takes place at the Marzotto Village (, a private structure of 1555 square meters created for the fun and holidays of families and children.

The Marzotto Village has everything you need inside for a dream football camp, namely:

  • football field with latest generation 98 * 49 mm artificial grass and five-a-side football fields
  • medical center
  • accommodation and apartments
  • swimming pool and wellness area
  • restaurants and bars
  • seafront location and private beach
  • animation and entertainment

For those who would like to visit Venice, Jesolo is not connected to the island by public ferry lines. However, there is a private ferry line with offices right in Piazza di Milano. There you will be able to find references, schedules and ticket prices.

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AC Milan Academy Camp - Jesolo Lido (Venice)AC Milan Academy Camp - Jesolo Lido (Venice)


Camp Dates 2024

  • First week
    July 21, 2024 ~ July 27, 2024
  • Registration starting in January
  • Second week
    July 28, 2024 ~ August 3, 2024
  • Registration starting in January