Covid-19 Coronavirus: Safety protocol


For over twenty years, Sporteventi has been organising the Milan Junior Camps to ensure that the young participants enjoy an unforgettable and fun experience. This year, our mission remains the same.

However, we know that fun and safety have to go hand in hand, which is why we turned to SILAQ ( to draw up a protocol on the behaviours to be followed during the week. From the pitch to the hotel and throughout the day, these simple rules and precautions for everyone to follow—campers, parents and staff—will allow us to make the most of our experience without running the risk of a COVID-19 infection.

Rules and Precautions

Eight boys in the AC Milan Academy Camp of Asiago plateau Group of children of the AC Milan Junior Camp in Cortina d'Ampezzo


The week at the Milan Junior Camp starts with the arrival of the participants on Sunday at around 14.00. All participants and Sporteventi staff will undergo a rapid test to determine if they can take part in the Camp.

Once they have been admitted, the staff will be responsible for the care of the children, providing each of them with their own AC Milan kit and then accompanying the campers to their respective rooms.

In addition to continuous sanitisation and temperature checks (in the morning before entering the breakfast room and in the evening before returning to their rooms), everyone will undergo a second test on Wednesday afternoon.



The sports activities will be held on football pitches reserved for the Milan Junior Camps, where it is possible to train without the use of a mask.

The children will be divided into age groups, creating separate “bubbles” and corresponding work groups.

In the event of bad weather, the younger children’s sporting activities will be carried out at the affiliated gym, ensuring compliance with the regulations on indoor activities (no contact sports).

The changing rooms will not be used, except for the toilets, which will be accessed individually and immediately sanitised.

The technical director Lorenzo Cresta trains the boys of the AC Milan Academy Camp in the football field in the Asiago plateau The coach Diego Bortoluzzi with five girls of the AC Milan Academy Camp


The rooms will be occupied by a maximum of 3/4 people, based on the maximum capacity provided in the Risk Assessment Document drawn up by SILAQ, to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the occupants.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for participants and staff will be served within the hotel. The children occupying a given room will sit together at the same table to keep the “bubbles” separate.

Hand sanitisation will be mandatory before entering the breakfast room, the dining room, the means of transport and before and after evening outings.

All campers will be given 10 surgical masks and a bottle of sanitiser, which will then be topped up.



Transport between the pitch and the hotel will be provided by way of private buses or school buses (Battistuzzi Servizi) in which the participants will occupy the same seat throughout the week.

The means of transport used is equipped with a certified sanitisation system that guarantees a total air change in under 2 minutes if the outside temperature is below 26° and under 4 minutes if the outside temperature is below 36°. The means of transport will travel with a reduced capacity of 75%.

Walter De Vecchi in the dining room of the hotel in Cortina d'Ampezzo with a boy and other children of the AC Milan Academy Camp Two children of the AC Milan Academy Camp on the bus that transports them to the playing fields

Further Information – Masks and Laundry

Campers will always wear masks, except during sports activities, at meals and inside their rooms.

Each participant must bring a personal water bottle.

A daily laundry service is provided to wash the participants’ clothes, keeping each camper’s garments separate using specific bags, which will allow them to be returned to each child.

Four boys in the AC Milan Academy Camp of Cortina d'Ampezzo