Goalkeeper training

During the AC Milan camps, goalkeepers receive a specific Adidas – AC Milan Academy – Fly Emirates uniform and follow a personalized training program based on the specificities of the goalkeeper’s role on the team.
Therefore, in the morning, goalkeepers are separated from the rest of the group and dedicated coaches train them. In the afternoon, however, during the internal team tournament and individual training they rejoin their peers.

Goalkeeper soccer training at AC Milan Junior Camp The AC Milan coach, Pierino Prati, kicks the ball during the goalkeeper training


Goalkeeper training with silhouettes at AC Milan Soccer Camp Goalkeeper training with elastic net at AC Milan Soccer Camp



Goalkeeper training on Sporteventi YouTube channel


The camp requires a doctor’s medical certificate (Family Doctor’s Clean Bill of Health), no older than one year, attesting that the participant is physically able to fully participate in all sports and social activities during the camp.

The official languages of the camp are Italian and English. Half of the staff speak English fluently and one coach also speaks fluently Russian.